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What Is A STAN Pet Bed?

Find out what makes the STAN Pet Bed one of its' kind.

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Australian loved and made

STAN Pet Beds

Safe Therapeutic Australian Non-toxic

STAN Pet Beds are the only patented therapeutic, non-toxic pet beds in Australia. Designed for all life stages – puppy to prime, senior to geriatric and from small to giant breeds.

Created for the purpose of achieving optimal sleep so your dog can heal from within. Sleeping in superior comfort while the body recovers at a cellular level and improves cognitive function.

Two layers of purposefully designed thermally-bonded
thermostatic fibres, made without toxic chemicals, binders, resins or VOC’s, guaranteeing no off-gassing chemicals in the bed protecting your dog, your
family and your home.

Superior in every way, STAN Pet Beds stand alone in the pet industry. So much so, the board determining our patent approval said they should be made for humans too!

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Similar: healing; curative; curing; remedial; medicinal; restorative

Therapeutic. Adjective: of relating to or used in the treatment of disease or disorder by remedial agents or methods: curative, medicinal. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary 2023

We are the only pet bed company legally allowed to use the word therapeutic in our title and description. Five years of examination and testing we were finally awarded a patent for therapeutic benefit in November 2019, proving our beds are a pet bed with purpose, designed for the wellbeing and healing of every animal that lays on a STAN Pet Bed.

Every design we make including crate beds, pillows and blankets will always use our patented fibres to ensure maximum benefit to the animal.