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Discover how STAN Pet Beds started and the vision for the future of our pets.

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Our Story

STAN Pet Beds is me. Michelle. I was born an animal lover and life has given me this amazing business to display my love and passion for animal health and wellness. My dedication to animals, particularly our companion animals, is more than just providing a roof over their head and going walkies. I want to impact at a cellular level, to enhance their quality of rest, recovery, inner calmness and ultimately, their longevity. 

I have been the guardian for many animals my whole life and always felt a deep connection and responsibility to them. No animal impacted me greater than my beloved dog Stanley. His presence in my life changed me in ways I can’t describe, except to say I am a better, wiser, healed person because of him.

How It Started

The idea of safe, clean, purposeful beds for our pets really is the foundation for a health and wellbeing plan. By providing a space for deep relaxation we help our animals heal, restore emotional, mental and physical strength, and energetically help raise their vibration.

Thanks to my Stanley I was inspired to really delve deep to understand what foundational support means and why it is essential to our pets longevity and how it impacts them on every level. All my research leads me back to the quality of the animals’ sleep

The development of a STAN Pet Bed (previously Henry Hottie bed), the design and documented benefit, resulted in a patent in 2019. It took five years to achieve a patent and to be honest by the time it was granted I had all but given up hope. We are the only patented therapeutic, non-toxic Australian made pet bed in the world. Not a bad achievement for a business that started in a hot, old, tiny garage 13 years ago.

Our Beds

STAN Pet Beds are designed to improve the quality of sleep for your animal. The specific densities of each range of beds, the carefully selected natural organic fabrics for the outer covers, and the guaranteed absence of toxic chemicals (found in nearly all pet foam bedding), has created the bed your pet needs. Quality sleeps sets the foundation for their level of cognitive health (thinking/decision making capacity), physical recovery from activity, illness or injury, and their overall ability to cope with life in a human world. 

If your dog is young and active, unwell or old, small or giant, it will not a have a better chance of restorative sleep than on a STAN Pet Bed. What I make for my pets, I make for yours. We are kin us animal lovers. We know nothing compares to the bond we share with our animals. And we want that bond to last as long as possible.

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